What is cloud hosting? What is dedicated web hosting? Why use cloud or dedicated web hosting? What is the difference? Read and find out!


Are you a little bit confused about the different options when it comes to choosing a web hosting for your website or application? What kind of hosting to use?

In this article, you will find a definition of cloud and dedicated web hosting, followed by an overview of their key differences.

  • Cloud Hosting: Cloud servers can be easily configured to offer security, levels of performance, and control. So, rather than being hosted on the server, the data resides in a shared digitized environment which is controlled and managed by the cloud hosting provider. You and your website benefit from the economies of scale of using hardware and sharing it with other users. You only pay for the amount of server space used. The cloud servers allow you to scale the resources up or down so you will not pay for infrastructure costs when work demand is low. With cloud hosting, you can improve the IT performance without the costs associated with managing dedicated infrastructure. The businesses with variable workloads and demands find cloud hosting an ideal fit.
  • Dedicated Web Hosting: A dedicated server is rented or purchased for your own business needs only. The dedicated servers are usually used by large organizations or businesses that demand high levels of security or businesses that have high requirements for server capacity. With dedicated web hosting, the businesses will still need the IT expertise and skills to manage the server, update the server, and control the server.

Why is the difference between cloud and a dedicated server?

  • Deployment speed – With cloud servers, you can have all resources you need within a few minutes. With dedicated servers, the time is longer.
  • Security and compliance – When it comes to security, dedicated web hosting is without a doubt the winner. Cloud web host provider allows you to use a public cloud with private cloud to use the benefits of each server.
  • High availability – Building a high availability cloud environment can cost less. Building a high availability on a dedicated server can take a few days.
  • Access to tools – In a cloud environment, the community-driven APIs are usually available for automatic scaling and management. With a dedicated server, you have to wait a bit for a vendor-driven development.

Defining the right hosting will depend on your business goals and objectives.