How to choose the right domain name? Here are the most important questions to ask when choosing a domains extension!


The online business owners are overwhelmed by the different options and have lots of questions about which domain name extension is right for them, their business, and their products.

Here are 3 essential questions to ask when choosing a domains extension:

  1.  Will visitors know and trust the domain name extension I am considering? There are different types of domain extensions which are used for different reasons. Most people think of established domain name extensions such as .net or .com when they think of a website or blog. This is because the majority of the websites today relied on for commerce, news, entertainment, and communication. Some of the new gTLDs will become trusted fixtures on the internet, but before they do, you should be careful about betting their brand or online business on a new gTLD.
  2.  Do I need to register my domain on different domain name extensions? It is common that individuals and businesses choose to register a few domain names to help their digital strategies. There are so many businesses today which target specific buyer interests and different locations, so it makes a sense that they would register a few domain names to reflect their targeting, whether it is by product, demographic or location. There are some businesses and individuals that may choose to diversify their domain name portfolios by buying a domain on a variety of domain name extensions.
  3.  How can I be assured that my domain will work? As you probably know, every domain name extension is operated and controlled by a domain name registry that is responsible for operating, as well as, maintaining the infrastructure that makes it possible for domains to function right. The reliability with which a domain name registry operates a domain name extension affects the reliability of the domain names that share that exact domains extension. There are so many website owners who may think that internet service providers are responsible for connecting users to websites but this is partially true. It is the domain name registry that allows navigation to happen which is why it is super important for you to consider the history and the experience of the domain name registry for your desired Top-level domain.

Consider all points mentioned here to come up with the best strategy for establishing an online presence.

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